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EU Signature Dialog

Digital Trust Movement

The European Signature Dialog is a platform of major European electronic signature providers. The first European Signature Dialog took place on the 1st and 2nd of June 2017 in the heart of Europe - Vienna, attended by eleven countries.

Cross-border interconnection

On the initiative of A-Trust, qualified trust service provider in Austria, a joint voice of leading European stakeholders was created to tackle the need for consistency between EU and national requirements and make Europe a strong player in authentication and cybersecurity.

Member states: Leading European TSPs

Austria A-Trust
Initiated ESD in 2017 Only existing TSP-unifying association

France Club PSCO
Finland Finnish Digital Agency
Germany D-Trust
Hungary Microsec
Italy Infocert
Liechtenstein FLZ
Luxembourg LuxTrust
Portugal Multicert
Romania certSIGN
Spain Camerfirma